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Global Tyger Sports follows the footsteps of its parent company, Global Tyger Group, in that it specializes specifically in the growth of its sports clients internationally. Just like Global Tyger Group, we have a team based in countries around the world and are best positioned to grow, sell, and represent your business interests in countries outside of your domestic market.  You will not find a company in the entire industry that specializes in this area the way that we do.

Read below and contact us to get more information on how can help your business growth internationally.  Rest assured, Global Tyger Group's 'Free Consultationapplies to the Global Tyger Sports division as well!


We have significant experience representing professional athletes -- ask us for details!  If you are an athlete looking to negotiate with international teams or business development/sponsorship opportunities in countries/leagues outside of where you live, Global Tyger Sports has the experience and personalized approach to take you where you want to go.  When selecting your representation, you want someone who understands both where you come from and where you're going. That is what Global Tyger Sports is all about.


Whether you are a brand, club or professional league, Global Tyger Sports is accomplished in researching, negotiating and implementing partnerships across the world.  From value analytics to creative partnership opportunities that are not yet common in the marketplace, we will ensure that your brand's exposure will lead to significant monetization. You are adept in your own market -- trust us to take care of the markets where your potential is untapped.



If  you have licensed products in the marketplace, ask yourself if they are globally accessible.  We would venture to guess that is not the case. While also working with any current licensees you have, we will provide truly global coverage of your licensed product business, including new foreign licensees, greater distribution of existing product lines, and we will expertly handle the negotiations, relations, and audits with licensees to take the burden off your staff. 


The innovation in sports is impressive, yet it is often segmented to local markets. At Global Tyger Sports, our goal is to ensure that cutting-edge products reach their full market potential.  Do you have a product, app, or concept that is truly worthy of  global attention?  Our team is ready to ensure that you get the opportunities you deserve to make your business grow.



More than ever, fans in countries around the world are holding allegiances to teams and leagues from other countries, and the business opportunities tied to this are usually untapped. Global Tyger Sports is accomplished in representing sponsorship, digital and media rights in global markets and would be pleased to discuss with you how we can make your brand truly global.  

EVENTS (Consulting / Bidding / Recruitment)

Our team has implemented dozens of major events across the globe, from negotiations to profit-building to logistics. Can we be of service to you?​ Or perhaps you are bidding for an international event or you're a rightsholder hoping to generate the best possible host bids.  

Global Tyger specializes in these areas and will cover the globe to get you results.

E-Sports / Virtual Reality

Cited as the next massive sub-industry within the sports realm, Global Tyger Sports is focused on maintaining a leading position within the e-Sports scene. Similarly, virtual reality is strongly emerging in sports business, and we are ready to take virtual reality products towards their immense international potential.  

If you are an e-Sports competitor, a brand looking to get involved in this emerging area, or a business looking to develop events and products in this space, contact us and our in-house e-Sports experts.

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