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'US vs. THEM'

The decision on who to seek help from when venturing to new markets can be as difficult as the decision to grow your business in itself. There are many business consulting firms, and some are well-known through advertising and other channels. Here, we try to demonstrate what separates us, and why Global Tyger Group is worth your consideration.  Watch the video, see the chart below and, if you are interested in knowing more, try our Free Consultation.




While we do also offer the standard retainer/per hour fee, we also have other models to suit your business and respective projects. In fact, as an example of us 'investing in your success', we also offer 'no fee' options in some cases. Ask us about it!



We develop businesses into international markets. Period. It's simply what we do. We are highly specialized and our experience and focus is devoted to this each and every day.

We have experienced, senior professionals in over 20 countries. They currently work in those markets each day in their own careers, while also dedicating themselves to our client contracts -- which means you do not pay for the inflated staff salary costs. 


Usually, a senior executive pitches the client, wins the contract, and then hands the file to recent graduates with no real-world experience. Yet, the client pays for senior-level expertise. 

"Experts" in every aspect of business? One day they will do your taxes, the next they will design your logo. Venturing into new markets is intricate. Do you want, as they say, the 'jack of all trades, master of none'?  

Exorbitant retainer and hourly fees. A natural result of their massive overhead costs that do not at all go towards servicing you -- the client. Ask yourself whether you are paying for the service or for them to sponsor a football team.

This is simply part of the business model. After you have the contract, they advise using their tax service, PR agency, creative department, and more. There are more affordable external options, naturally. In their world, it's called the 'bait and hook'.   



With our team on the ground on six continents, we have local expertise on hand for the complex nuances of global business and cultures. We work with each other as a team, and not individual entities.

We will never upsell you on any other service. Not now, not ever.

Despite having many offices, they operate independently, and have no ongoing relationship with their colleagues. Usually, your local office in Germany is doing their Brazilian business behind their own desk -- not through their Brazilian office.

“Because (big firms) rarely get involved in actually implementing any course of action that might come out of their advice, they have a blind spot regarding things like the human implications of important corporate decisions”

Time Magazine - (link)

Governments, trade agencies, researchers, universities, and media spend billions each year on compiling and publishing this information. Sure, it is a lot to wade through, but we love having those resources and we utilize them appropriately.

Our business model is based on having the fewest overhead costs possible in order to  be most affordable to clients. Our salaried staff number is limited, our offices are modest, and you will never see our commercial during a Super Bowl.  


Large, metropolitan, high-rise offices. Massive executive salaries and bonuses. Comprehensive advertising campaigns. Sports sponsorships. Etc.  How do they afford that?  Well, scroll back to the 'Fees' section.



They explain that a significant study must  be done for you, as other resources are not helpful. Naturally, this research will be conducted by their research team for an additional fee -- and may contain much of the same information.  


Our internal policy is that we are always honest with a client, regardless of whether it is what they want to hear. You are growing a business -- you deserve the truth from us.

The best way to keep a client happy is to tell them what they want to hear.  The best way to keep getting paid is to keep a client. It is fairly simple and, unfortunately, it's an approach that is used frequently these days.


There is a reason we say that we 'invest in your success'. We actually care about your growth, and we work for you as if it were our very own business. We'll call to check in, and we won't bill you for the conversation.

You are a client, among many others. If you want an update or to talk through an issue that you're thinking about, that's fine. It's simply added to your billable account. Sure, they hope you succeed, but if not, there are always other billable clients.

"The people (at big firms) who are doing the bulk of the work are fresh out of college (like I was) or business school, often from a range of majors, with little-to-no work experience. They don't know anything. They are really smart, very hard-working, resourceful, and well-trained, but they know absolutely nothing coming in about your industry, company, or particular issue. More interestingly, the director or partner on the project is not really a subject matter expert either." - (link)

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