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According to a survey, 90% of mid-sized companies who expanded their business globally considered it a success.

Turn-Key Operations

Many companies don’t have the staffing to implement a market entry from start to finish. We can do that for you, including all of the services listed here. We’ll propose our plan, get your feedback, and hand over the keys so you hit the ground running.

Procurement & Supply Chain

Leveraging our consultants across the globe, we can ensure that you enjoy significant cost savings for what you need, and implement an efficient supply chain that increases your bottom line. We have sourced an extensive network of providers that can be trusted and deliver quality.

Marketing Management

From digital to traditional marketing mixes, we understand both the local and foreign nuances to reaching customers in global markets. Whether it is advising on strategy, managing the creative process, implementing ad buys, or monitoring effectiveness, our team is accustomed to advanced marketing in numerous industry sectors.

Market Analysis

We have a vast database of country-by-country information, in both quantitative and qualitative forms. This is in addition to the in-market experience of our consultants stationed around the world. We also work closely with governments and trade bodies to round out our analysis and ensure you have the best understanding of a foreign market.

In-Market Representation

Aside from sales, there are other reasons you want someone on the ground to represent your business. Whether it is to attend industry events, trade shows, network with partners, liaise with local service providers, or speak with key officials in the market, Global Tyger is well-situated to represent you at a senior, professional level. 

Human Resources

If you want staff on the ground, but you lack the expertise, legal/financial requirements, or bandwidth to execute a staffing plan, our team is ready to help. From recruiting, to hiring, to setting you up with the information you need to know, we will implement a plan that allows you to put your best foot forward in global markets.

Strategic Planning

Part of global business development is doing things in a purposeful, strategic way over a longer term. Global Tyger specializes in advising on how to test markets, grow sequentially, and set yourself up for future growth. Low-hanging fruit is nice to have, but we also focus on sustainable business growth for years to come.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our clients are often surprised by the considerable opportunities that exist to merge or acquire (and be acquired) by relevant business partners in other markets. This is often a lucrative option when analyzing competition in other territories. Global Tyger is happy to present options for you in this regard, and provide expertise throughout the due diligence process.

Service Procurement

Let our on-the-ground team take care of securing the professional legal, financial, and other service providers you need to run your international operations. Not only will you benefit from cost savings, you will be retaining legitimate, reputable groups that you can trust. Our team will set up your accounts and hand over an easy-to-follow system for you to move forward.

Trade Agreement Navigation

International business is a sea of acronyms. Trade agreements that exist between individual countries, intracontinental parties, and regionally around the globe have both created opportunity and confusion for companies going beyond their borders. Global Tyger is here to navigate that for you, advising on strategies that you can leverage in global markets.


Whether it be from private equity, venture capital, angel investors, or grant funding, there are financial resources around the world at your disposal. For companies requiring an additional investment in order to take their business to another scale of operation, Global Tyger will tap into its network to provide you with the options you need to grow. 

Investment Attraction

Virtually every market across the globe is looking to attract business investment to their region. With a presence in over 20 countries, Global Tyger is ideally situated to send investment your way. Competitors in this area are notorious for overpromising and underdelivering, and at unfair costs. Contact us to see how Global Tyger’s approach differs.

Management Consulting

Perhaps you have a plan in place and need advising on specific business matters. We're here to help, including advising on strategy, implementation, cost efficiency, or nuances of individual markets. We draw on the in-market expertise of our senior specialists.

Business Plans

We provide bespoke plans that are tailored to your business and objectives. We work with you to fully understand what you are pursuing and have experience in delivering professional material for a variety of audiences. Our financial analysis will give you a confident benchmark to move forward with.


Considered a specialty at Global Tyger, our team is adept at creating and implementing distribution solutions for our clients. We have worked with distribution centers, freight carriers, and shipment fulfillers, negotiating favorable pricing and finding creative routes to save you money and satisfy your end consumer. 

Sales Representation

Business development doesn’t work if you do not have the resources to sell in the market. Our team is available to serve that role for you. If you are ‘testing’ a market or you’re not ready to commit to having your own sales team in place for a global market, Global Tyger will skillfully take that off your hands.

Site Selection

Whether you are looking at being ‘on the ground’ in a market or simply choosing what markets to penetrate, we’ll provide you with the criteria and analysis you need to make this important decision. This crucial step is what sets the foundation for your business growth, and our team leaves no stone unturned to ensure you make your decision with confidence.

Import / Export

Are you looking to import materials or goods for your business? Or perhaps you are looking to export to international companies in need of quality goods. Global Tyger’s team has the local expertise to implement a plan that sources partners and falls in line with complicated trade agreements and tariffs. 

Government Relations

Many government and trade organizations offer subsidies, market information, and other useful tools for businesses to grow in to or out of their markets. Our team is skilled in developing these relationships so that all opportunities for your business are understood and exploited to your benefit. 

Strategic Partnerships

If mergers and acquisitions do not reflect the ideals of your business plan, Global Tyger’s clients benefit from partnerships with businesses with shared interests in a given market. This often leads to cost efficiencies, marketing power, and distribution options.  Our team is ready to recommend and negotiate with businesses that you may align with. 

Tax/Tariff Navigation

One of the biggest uncertainties companies have when expanding their business to global markets is how tax/tariff measures will affect their bottom line. Global Tyger is here to advise you, not only on what the financials are, but on how you can best structure your business operations to reduce your exposure. 

Sale of Company

Traditionally, companies only look within their domestic market when selling their business. In a globalized world, that is a tremendous reduction of your potential buyer’s market. Global Tyger can assist you in attracting buyers from around the world, ensuring that you receive the maximum value of your company’s sale. After all your hard work, you deserve it. 

Event Planning

Business development has a social side, and Global Tyger is extremely experienced in putting together all aspects of networking and event operations. If your business could benefit from an event that impresses industry targets and is operated flawlessly and within a strict budget, let us tell you what Global Tyger is capable of. 


Launched in 2017 to utilize the sports and entertainment expertise of some of its senior team members, Global Tyger Group started its sports subsidiary to focus on global growth within this sector.  Visit our Global Tyger Sports page to see how we are ‘playing to win’ for our sports clients.