In how many countries do you do business?

There are 193 in the world.

It's time to grow. We'll take you there.



The Global Tyger Group was formed by three international business executives who realized that many of the companies they dealt with were only operating in their domestic country, despite the vast growth potential that they had.


The question was: why wouldn't they expand their market reach?

More often than not, the answers had to do with being intimidated by the unknowns of markets they were not familiar with, a lack of internal expertise in international business, a limited tolerance for risk, and that it simply seemed to be more trouble than it was worth. These concerns, while natural, were barriers to growth that our company's founders knew could be overcome -- affordably and with lucrative results.  

Thus, the Global Tyger Group was formed.  

Today, the Global Tyger Group is staffed with senior-level consultants in 22 countries, with executive expertise in both domestic and international business development. Global Tyger operates with a distinctive business model that allows ambitious companies of all sizes to take advantage of its services to grow their businesses internationally.

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There are 193 countries in this world. It's time for you to grow. We'll take you there. 


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